Python DDD(Domain-Driven Design)

I recently adopted a Domain-driven design(DDD) pattern for my project using FastAPI.
Because of the active use of AWS cloud services for MSA, it was critical that business domains and infrastructure were not strongly coupled.
Although there were few Python code examples, I successfully applied DDD with great satisfaction.
The example project code was released through LinkedIn and attracted many developers' attention.
Kudos to Sebastian..
The example project above focuses on techniques that actually implement DDD with FastAPI, Pydantic, sqlalchemy, dataclass, etc.
A high-level description of how to implement it is described in README, but it may be difficult to understand for those unfamiliar with DDD.
If anyone wants to know the key components of DDD, I will write a separate article.
I hope it will be helpful if you are thinking about applying Domain-driven design to Python projects.